Version: 1.29p02

UMotion Manual
  1. UMotion Manual
  2. Introduction & Tips
  3. Getting Started
      1. Quick Start Tutorial
      2. 1) Installation & First Steps
      3. 2) Pose Editing
      4. 3) Clip Editor
      5. 4) Curves & Rotation Modes
      6. 5) Config Mode
      7. 6) Export Animations
      8. 7) Root Motion
      9. 8) Animation Events
      10. 9) Pose Mirroring
      1. 1) Importing Animations
      2. 2) Inverse Kinematics
      3. 3) Child-Of Constraint
      4. 4) Custom Properties
      5. 5) IK Pinning
      1. 1) Our First Animation
      2. 2) Editing Animations
      3. 3) Customizing an animation for a RPG
      4. 4) Unity Timeline & Weighted Tangents
      1. UMotion Tutorial
  4. How to create better animations
      1. File
      2. Edit
      3. Help
    1. Preferences
    2. Import / Export
    3. FK to IK Conversion
      1. Project Settings
      2. Clip Settings
    4. Animated Properties List
    5. Root Motion
    6. Rotation Modes
      1. Dopesheet
      2. Curves View
    7. Playback Navigation
    8. Layers
        1. IK Setup Wizard
        2. Mirror Mapping
      1. Configuration
      2. Display
      1. Tools
      2. Channels
      3. Selection
      4. Display
      5. Animation
      1. Inverse Kinematics
      2. Child-Of
      3. Custom Property
    1. Options
    2. Tool Assistant
  5. Edit In Play Mode
  6. Unity Timeline Integration
  7. UMotion API
  8. Exporting Animations FAQ
  9. Support / FAQ
  10. Release Notes
  11. Known Issues
  12. Credits

Video Tutorials

UMotion has plenty of video tutorials split into chapters similar to Unity's video tutorials. All features of UMotion are covered in the first two playlists. To see how a complete animation is created from scratch, the UMotion "In Practice" video series is what you are looking for. Each video has English subtitles that can be enabled in case you are having problems understanding the speaker. To enable the subtitles, click on the corresponding button in the embedded Youtube video.

Please note that the tutorials assume that you have at least some basic understanding about Unity's animation system. If not, please have a look at the links in the Further Reading section.

The video tutorials can be accessed via the following overview or by expanding the menu items in the table of content on the left-hand side of this manual. Subscribe to the Soxware Interactive - Youtube Channel to stay updated if new tutorials or feature previews are uploaded.


General video tutorials explaining all features that are available to UMotion Community and UMotion Professional users.

UMotion Pro Exclusive

The video tutorials in this playlist cover all features that are exclusive to UMotion Pro users.

UMotion "In Practice"

In this video series it is all about using UMotion's features in practical examples. Visit the UMotion Forum Thread to let me know what videos you would like to see in the future.

Videos by Jayanam

Jayanam is a Youtuber focused on creating Game Development related video tutorials.

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