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UMotion Manual
  1. UMotion Manual
  2. Introduction & Tips
  3. Getting Started
      1. Quick Start Tutorial
      2. 1) Installation & First Steps
      3. 2) Pose Editing
      4. 3) Clip Editor
      5. 4) Curves & Rotation Modes
      6. 5) Config Mode
      7. 6) Export Animations
      8. 7) Root Motion
      9. 8) Animation Events
      10. 9) Pose Mirroring
      1. 1) Importing Animations
      2. 2) Inverse Kinematics
      3. 3) Child-Of Constraint
      4. 4) Custom Properties
      5. 5) IK Pinning
      1. 1) Our First Animation
      2. 2) Editing Animations
      3. 3) Customizing an animation for a RPG
      4. 4) Unity Timeline & Weighted Tangents
      1. UMotion Tutorial
  4. How to create better animations
      1. File
      2. Edit
      3. Help
    1. Preferences
    2. Import / Export
    3. FK to IK Conversion
      1. Project Settings
      2. Clip Settings
    4. Animated Properties List
    5. Root Motion
    6. Rotation Modes
      1. Dopesheet
      2. Curves View
    7. Playback Navigation
    8. Layers
        1. IK Setup Wizard
        2. Mirror Mapping
      1. Configuration
      2. Display
      1. Tools
      2. Channels
      3. Selection
      4. Display
      5. Animation
      1. Inverse Kinematics
      2. Child-Of
      3. Custom Property
    1. Options
    2. Tool Assistant
  5. Edit In Play Mode
  6. Unity Timeline Integration
  7. UMotion API
  8. Exporting Animations FAQ
  9. Support / FAQ
  10. Release Notes
  11. Known Issues
  12. Credits

FK to IK Conversion Professional

This dialog allows to automatically create Inverse Kinematics keys that result in a similar animation as the respective Forward Kinematics keys. This is very useful for converting existing animations to IK. Animations that use IK instead of FK are usually easier to modify.

Please note that the FK to IK conversion can also be performed directly when importing animations (see Import).

The conversion works across every type of 3D model no matter if it's a human like character, a robot, a spider,... Before the conversion can take place, Inverse Kinematics needs to be setup

FK to IK Conversion Dialog

The dialog lists every IK handle that is setup in the animated GameObjects rig (see IK Setup Wizard). Select the IK handles that should be converted. The converter will automatically create keys for the IK handle to imitate the animation defined by the FK keys. Please note that the converted IK animation can slightly differ from the original FK animation.

Attention: If the current animation already has keys for the IK handles that should be converted, those keys will be automatically removed.

Delete FK Keys: When this option is enabled, the FK keys that have been converted to IK will be deleted. IK handles that use "FK Pose" as reference need their FK keys to function properly thus those FK keys will not be deleted.

Improving Conversion Accuracy

When using IK it is usually not possible to rotate single bones in the chain around their own axis (= twist/roll rotations). Meaning that it is possible to the whole IK chain around the pole axis (using either the pole rotation property or the pole handle) but it is not possible to rotate only a certain bone around its own axis. Thus, if the animation that is converted to IK contains such rotations for bones that are within the IK chain, this rotation usually won't make it into the resulting IK animation. This can lead to visible differences. There are 2 ways to compensate that:

More information: IK Constraint - Setup

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