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UMotion Manual
  1. UMotion Manual
  2. Introduction & Tips
  3. Getting Started
      1. Quick Start Tutorial
      2. 1) Installation & First Steps
      3. 2) Pose Editing
      4. 3) Clip Editor
      5. 4) Curves & Rotation Modes
      6. 5) Config Mode
      7. 6) Export Animations
      8. 7) Root Motion
      9. 8) Animation Events
      10. 9) Pose Mirroring
      1. 1) Importing Animations
      2. 2) Inverse Kinematics
      3. 3) Child-Of Constraint
      4. 4) Custom Properties
      5. 5) IK Pinning
      1. 1) Our First Animation
      2. 2) Editing Animations
      3. 3) Customizing an animation for a RPG
      4. 4) Unity Timeline & Weighted Tangents
      1. UMotion Tutorial
  4. How to create better animations
      1. File
      2. Edit
      3. Help
    1. Preferences
    2. Import / Export
    3. FK to IK Conversion
      1. Project Settings
      2. Clip Settings
    4. Animated Properties List
    5. Root Motion
    6. Rotation Modes
      1. Dopesheet
      2. Curves View
    7. Playback Navigation
    8. Layers
        1. IK Setup Wizard
        2. Mirror Mapping
      1. Configuration
      2. Display
      1. Tools
      2. Channels
      3. Selection
      4. Display
      5. Animation
      1. Inverse Kinematics
      2. Child-Of
      3. Custom Property
    1. Options
    2. Tool Assistant
  5. Edit In Play Mode
  6. Unity Timeline Integration
  7. UMotion API
  8. Exporting Animations FAQ
  9. Support / FAQ
  10. Release Notes
  11. Known Issues
  12. Credits

Unity Timeline Integration

UMotion can be used together with Unity's Timeline Editor or Unity's Animation Window. This is made possible by the Sync button in UMotion's Clip Editor.

Clip Editor - Sync button in the menu bar

When UMotion is synchronized:

A special mode of synchronization is editing animation clips used in a Unity Timeline sequence (see below). This is useful for editing cut scenes.

Synchronizing with Timeline/Animation Window

Let's think of a horse riding scenario. In such a scenario it is necessary to make ensure that the animation of the player that sits on the horse matches with the animation of the horse. With synchronization this task gets easy as you can preview the animation of the horse via Unity's Animation or Timeline Window at the same time while editing the player's animation using UMotion.

Enable Synchronization

In the UMotion Clip Editor, click on Sync. You have the option to synchronize either with Unity Timeline or with Unity's Animation Window. It is possible to synchronize the frame cursors with or without offset. Synchronizing with offset is useful when one animation should start playing before/after the other. You can either choose to use the offset the frame cursors currently have (in respect to each other) or by using the last used offset.

Clip Editor - Options to synchronize with Unity's Animation Window

Disable Synchronization

Click on the Sync button in UMotion or on the Preview button in Unity's Timeline or Animation Window to disables synchronization.

Unity Timeline: Edit Animation Clips Professional

With UMotion it is possible to edit animation clips that are currently used in Unity Timeline. This is useful when creating and fine tuning cut scene sequences.

Warning: Please note that in Unity 2017.3 and below, Timeline is not playing root motion animations correctly. The root motion applied while played in Timeline can be slightly more or slightly less than the root motion that is applied when editing the animation clip using UMotion. This problem is fixed in Unity 2018.1 and above. More information: Known Issue 10

Editing a Unity Timeline clip:

Clip Editor - Synchronize with Unity Timeline

UMotion is now synchronized with Unity Timeline and you can start editing the animation clip.

Things to consider:

As soon as you finished editing the animation clip export the animation (see Import / Export). Make sure to select the same export directory (in the Project Settings) as where the original animation clip is stored at. When exported correctly, Unity Timeline will automatically use the modified version of the animation clip.

Clicking on the Sync button in UMotion or on the Preview button in Unity Timeline disables the synchronization.

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