Version: 1.29p02

UMotion Manual
  1. UMotion Manual
  2. Introduction & Tips
  3. Getting Started
      1. Quick Start Tutorial
      2. 1) Installation & First Steps
      3. 2) Pose Editing
      4. 3) Clip Editor
      5. 4) Curves & Rotation Modes
      6. 5) Config Mode
      7. 6) Export Animations
      8. 7) Root Motion
      9. 8) Animation Events
      10. 9) Pose Mirroring
      1. 1) Importing Animations
      2. 2) Inverse Kinematics
      3. 3) Child-Of Constraint
      4. 4) Custom Properties
      5. 5) IK Pinning
      1. 1) Our First Animation
      2. 2) Editing Animations
      3. 3) Customizing an animation for a RPG
      4. 4) Unity Timeline & Weighted Tangents
      1. UMotion Tutorial
  4. How to create better animations
      1. File
      2. Edit
      3. Help
    1. Preferences
    2. Import / Export
    3. FK to IK Conversion
      1. Project Settings
      2. Clip Settings
    4. Animated Properties List
    5. Root Motion
    6. Rotation Modes
      1. Dopesheet
      2. Curves View
    7. Playback Navigation
    8. Layers
        1. IK Setup Wizard
        2. Mirror Mapping
      1. Configuration
      2. Display
      1. Tools
      2. Channels
      3. Selection
      4. Display
      5. Animation
      1. Inverse Kinematics
      2. Child-Of
      3. Custom Property
    1. Options
    2. Tool Assistant
  5. Edit In Play Mode
  6. Unity Timeline Integration
  7. UMotion API
  8. Exporting Animations FAQ
  9. Support / FAQ
  10. Release Notes
  11. Known Issues
  12. Credits

Main Navigation

The Main Navigation is located at the top left of the Clip Editor.

Clip Editor - Main Navigation

UI Element Description
With the popup field a clip can be selected. The selected clip will be loaded and can be edited in the Dopesheet and Curves View.
Through the input field next to the popup field the current frame cursor position can be changed.
Opens the Project Settings and Clip Settings.
Adds a new clip to the project. A dialog window will appear where the name for the new clip can be entered.
Duplicates the current clip. A dialog window will appear where the name for the duplicated clip can be entered.
Deletes the current clip. If this is the only clip in the project a new empty clip will automatically be created.
Deletes all clips from the project. A new empty clip will automatically be created.
Adds a new animation event at the current selected frame. An animation event is triggered every time the animation playback (in game) passes the frame in which the animation event is set. This sends a call to the function(s) that have been attached to the animation event. Animation events are useful e.g. to play foot step sounds every time the foot reaches the ground.
Jumps to the previous frame where at least one key exists.
Jumps to the next frame where at least one key exists.

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