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      2. GetAnimationType
      3. GetAllGenericRootMotionBones
      4. GetVersion
      5. CloneWithoutComponents
      1. class Configuration
      2. struct PrefabPair
      3. struct ConstrainMask
      4. enum AnimationType
      5. enum KeyReductionMode
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C# Scripting API

The Animation Converter comes with a simple C# Scripting API. That way it's possible to integrate the Animation Converter even better into your existing production pipeline by writing custom Unity Editor scripts to convert animation clips.

The Animation Converter is only available for editor scripts. That means that scripts that use the Animation Converter need to be located inside an "Editor" folder.

Please note that the source code of the Animation Converter's User Interface is also available. It is located at "Assets/Editor Default Resources/AnimationConverter/Scripts/Editor".

Legal Notice: Due to the Asset Store EULA it is not allowed to include the Animation Converter in other Assets (that are distributed via the Asset Store or any other Platform/Service).


In order to keep things organized, the C# Scripting API is located under its own namespace. To gain access, add the following using directive to your script:

using SoxwareInteractive.AnimationConversion;

Class AnimationConverter

The API is very simple and only consists of one static class called AnimationConverter.



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