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  2. User Interface
      1. Convert
      2. GetAnimationType
      3. GetAllGenericRootMotionBones
      4. GetVersion
      5. CloneWithoutComponents
      1. class Configuration
      2. struct PrefabPair
      3. struct ConstrainMask
      4. enum AnimationType
      5. enum KeyReductionMode
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Animation Converter Manual

In Unity the animation type (Humanoid, Generic or Legacy) of animation clips can only be changed for clips imported from a 3D modeling format (e.g. *.fbx, *.blend,...). Often animations only exist as *.anim files (e.g. in some Asset Store Packages, animations created in Unity,...). With the Animation Converter it's possible to change the animation type of animation clips that solely exist as *.anim files.

This manual will help you to learn how to use the Animation Converter. You can read it from the start to the finish, or use it as a reference.

Learn how to use the Animation Converter by watching the Video Tutorial.


The Animation Converter is compatible with Unity 2017.4 or newer.


Abbreviation Description
IK Inverse Kinematics
RM Root Motion
UI User Interface
fps Frames Per Second

Further Reading

Link Description
Unity Video Tutorials - Animations All video tutorials of Unity related to animations.
Unity Manual - Animations The Unity Manual has a detailed section about the animation system. Topics like the different animation types (Humanoid, Generic and Legacy), Root Motion and more are covered.
Unity Blog - Mecanim Humanoids A detailed blog post about Humanoids and retargeting. A must read when working with Humanoid animations.

Need Help?

Your animation didn't convert correctly or you simply got stuck? Please check out the support section of the manual: Support / FAQ

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