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Have you checked our Question & Answer site? This is our main support platform used by the developer and by the community. You can check if somebody already had the same question, ask your own question or help others. Please post your question there, so that others can learn from it. You can post as a guest, login via Facebook or create your own account. To get private email support you can use the form below.

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EMail Support Request

    You can upload only one file: Max. 20 MB and of file type *.png, *.jpg, *.gif, *.fbx, *.blend, *.asset, *.pdf, *.zip or *.unitypackage.
    Please pack multiple files into a *.zip archive or a *.unitypackage.

    Attention: If the file you want to send exceeds 20MB, please let us know and send the email without attachment. We can provide a link to our Dropbox to overcome this limitation.